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You can call me Missy. Everyone else does! I'm 23. Love sex, music, photography, sex, making friends, sex and having fun. And I am currently collard. This is 18+ page. I reblog stuff but post things I find other places as well.


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Been Too Long…

I know it’s been a long time. But I started a new job and I can only get on my phone during breaks and the service out there sucks!!! BUT I will try my hardest to be on more. Mainly cuz my work can get pretty boring…


Ok….so I have to admit something…having an office “friend”….is fucking awesome!!! Makes me all hot and bothered when I know he’s right down the hall wanting me.

Lionsgate Horror Society

I just signed up to be a Member for Lionsgate Horror Society. Learn more and become one yourself here


What are the chances?

Just got finished watching Kill Your Darlings. After I took the DVD out and changed the channel, Harry Potter came on. If you’ve seen Darlings…you’ll understand how I’m feeling right now…